Arab-Israeli Conflict

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How far can they go? (Mideast Monitor)

In his latest "Mideast Monitor" column for the Jerusalem Report, Prof. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman examines renewed peace initiatives between Israel and the 'moderate' Sunni states, and argues that, while there remains much disagreement, mutual interests might lead to positive results.

On the margin (Mideast Monitor)

MDC Principal Research Fellow Bruce Maddy-Weitzman argues that the Palestinian issue is just one of many on the crowded agenda of Mideast governments and nowhere near the top of their priorities.

Palestinian and Israeli Intellectuals in the Shadow of Oslo and Intifadat al-Aqsa

This study of Palestinian and Israeli intellectuals was conceived during more optimistic times. It was based on the premise that they had contributed in some way to what was hopefully an "irreversible" peace process, and would play significant roles in shaping longer term political and social processes subsequent to the apparently imminent final status accord. The failure of the peace negotiations and the renewed descent into violence in September 2000 forced a reevaluation but did not alter my belief that the activities of thinkers, writers and educators of the two adversarial communities remained worthy of study. The anger and frustration voiced by each side's intellectuals towards the other's during the last two years confirmed that they themselves believed that their actions still counted for something, their lack of military divisions notwithstanding.