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Drugs, Shi‘a, and the Struggle for Southern Syria

Moran Levanoni analyzes the question of whether the Syrian regime, partially in cooperation with Hezbollah, is involved in narcotics trafficking in rebel-controlled southern Syria, as an element of its overall campaign against the rebels.

Fayrouz and Arab Nationalism

Moran Levanoni analyzes the release of a new single by Lebanese singer Fayrouz, now a controversial figure, despite having once been a symbol of Lebanese and Arab nationalism - partially due to her support for the Palestinian cause.

Lebanon: Teetering on the edge (Mideast Monitor)

In his article from the Jerusalem Report "Mideast Monitor" column, Prof. Bruce Maddy-Weitzman analyzes the current danger to Lebanon's continued stability in the face of recent developments, including the decision by Saudi Arabia to rescind its aid package to the Lebanese military.

The Political Economy of Lebanon's Garbage Crisis

Eliyahu Kamisher, the Steinhardt-Israel Institute Research Assistant and Intern, examines the multiple challenges facing the Lebanese state since 2011 through the lens of Beirut's conspicuous mountains of trash.

Captagon and Syria's Drug Economy

Moran Levanoni analyzes the phenomenon of Captagon - a potent stimulant - among the belligerents in the ongoing Syrian Civil War.

The Lebanese Trash Protests - Insights from the Garbage

In this issue of "Middle East Crossroads" [צומת המזרח התיכון], Dr. Omri Nir discusses the current protests in Lebanon over the accumulation of refuse in the streets of Beirut and the inability of the authorities to deal with the situation. In Hebrew.